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Deathbloom Series

The Deathbloom series comprises of two games, with Deathbloom: Chapter 1 (the first half) launched in May 2019 and Deathbloom: Chapter 2 (the second half) being launched in May 2020.

As a lifelong fan of the horror genre I set out to write, design, and code my own game inspired by the classic survival-horror titles I grew up with. Developing and launching a game independently has been a great exercise in learning all the steps, considerations, and potential roadblocks in digital product development.

The series is built on C# in the Unity Engine, with a distribution partnership with Valve and their sales platform Steam. The Deathbloom series currently stands at 3,100,000 Impressions, 520,000 Store Page Visits, and sales in 51 countries.

Deathbloom: Chapter 1 (Trailer)

Deathbloom: Chapter 2 (Trailer)

There are two dozen expansive levels, a full range of enemy types, a dozen different weapons, and a variety of puzzles available to the player as they explore the manor and the surrounding properties.