Vincent Lade
UX / UI Designer

(Canada / United Kingdom > Hong Kong)
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I create digital experiences that prioritize users, using data to guide important design choices.

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(What I do)

UX Design

Creating intuitive, data-driven, and user-friendly digital experiences that not only prioritize the unique needs of users but also enhance accessibility

UI Design

Shaping the visual and interactive elements of digital interfaces to create aesthetically pleasing and engaging experiences.


Ensuring smooth project execution, coordinating resources, timelines, and stakeholders to deliver successful outcomes.


Developing strong brand identities and messaging that resonates with the target audience, establishing a unique and memorable presence.

Clark Wilson

Revitalization of one of Vancouver's top law firms through a strategic rebranding that preserves its esteemed reputation as one of Canada's top legal institutions.

Vincent Lade Games

A space dedicated to my game development projects, primarily focused on the survival horror genre. A branded hub for all my contributions to indie gaming.


A collaboration with Interbrand on crafting an eye-catching non-alcoholic beverage for a mature audience while maintaining a sense of fun.

Bohren & Der
Club of Gore

The rebranding of a doom jazz band from Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. Made to capture the essence of their dark and calm musical stylings.